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Meet the Expert Speakers:

Laura Lambe

Certified Menopause Specialist and Board Registered Nutritionist

Menopause and Weight loss: EXPLAINED

Kate Doubler

AKA Real Food RN

How to Biohack Your Cells to Unlock Radiant Wellness

Dr. Amie Hornaman

"The Thyroid-Fixer"

Thyroid Triumph: Unleashing Your Energetic, Badass Self

After 40

Zora Benhamou

Gerontologist, & Biohacker

Biohacking Menopause - Menopause is inevitable. Suffering is optional

Dr. Akanni Salako

Physical Therapist, Fitness Coach

How to Drop 2-3 Dress Sizes Despite Hormonal Changes

Kim Vopni

"The Vagina Coach", Certified Fitness Trainer, Published Author, Women's Health

Sandpaper Sex and Leaky Bladders

Jordan Lips

Certified Nutritionist, Certified Personal Trainer

Why Women Over 40 Need to Lift: How to Protect Your Health by Building and Retaining Muscle

Lara Heimann

Physical Therapist, Yoga Teacher

Flip the Script: Pain is Optional

Dr. Andrea Robertson

Osteopath, Naturopath, Nutritionist, Pilates, Barre & Yoga Instructor

How Reducing Inflammation will help you Hit your Weight & Health Loss Goals for Good

Michelle Laframboise

Certified Pilates Instructor, ER Nurse

Modern Menopause: Not your Mother's Menopause!

Brie Wieselman

LAc, FMP, Functional Medicine for women 35+

Weight Loss Over 40: Why What Used to Work Doesn't Anymore

Dr. Felice Gersh

OB-GYN, Integrative Medicine

Heart Healthy in Menopause: Why diet and exercise often aren’t enough

Dr. Willow Brown

Chinese Medicine Doctor, Taoist Sexologist

Claiming Sexual Sovereignty Through Erotic Empowerment

Star Monroe

The Queen of Midlife Glow Up,

Midlife Psychotherapist

Menopause. What's in it for me?

Dr. Sierra Bains

Functional Medicine Doctor, Hormone and Fatigue Specialist

Combatting Cortisol: Why Your Energy Levels Are so Low

Jocelyn Gordon

"Yoga Rebel"

Sensual Movement for Health, Mobility & Radiance

Mariana Martinez

Holistic Chef, Food Coach and Yoga Instructor

The Secrets to Creating Simple, Quick and Nutritious Meals for Women over 40

Leah Vachani

Holistic Nutritionist and Health Coach

The Only Diet and Fitness Plan You Should Be Following After 40

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